Laser Art

Our laser cutting/etching service was established to produce a wide variety of items in a broad range of materials. We are open to everyone, whether it be a simple dog tag, a 1-off personalised photo frame or production runs for the industrial sector.

Our lasers are quite versatile

A wide variety of wood products can be cut and etched in wood including:

  • Key rings
  • Door signs
  • Photo frames
  • Jewellery / trinket boxes
  • Awards
  • Dioramas
  • Models
  • Scrap-booking and craft applications
  • Promotional products
  • Inlays / marquetry

This is a very versatile material with many thicknesses, colours and styles available from clear to solid colours, flouro or even a coloured mirror finish. Clear acrylic looks great when lit up with LED lighting. Applications
include manufacturing parts or simply for decoration including:

  • Laser-cut letters and names
  • Plaques / awards (easily mounted on walls or backing boards with panel mounts)
  • Structural items - cake stands, display cases, signs or ornaments to mention a few
  • Signs
  • Craft
  • Promotional products

Cutting with a laser doesn't include any physical contact with the substrate and has an adjustable power output making it very capable of quickly producing extremely intricate cutting. A great application for this is cutting thin paper / card stocks that can be used for stationary, cards or invitations that are totally unique. As no tooling is required, individualised items can be easily produced.

Along with cutting, the laser can also be controlled for etching or scribing in the same output file. Items such as mount boards for photo frames can easily be produced with etched text  or graphics and then cut to any shape.


Though we are unable to cut glass with our lasers, we can easily etch into it. Flat glass can be etched quite easily to give a personal touch to photo frames and candle holders or even glass panels in doors and kitchen cabinets. Mirrors can be etched on the front or the back and colour filled. We can even etched onto bottles for personalised inscriptions.


We have a number of corporate awards that can be etched with company logo and personalised text along with trophies for sporting groups and events.


Developed for laser cutting and etching, the top coloured layer is etched away with the laser to expose the inside colour. These sheets are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications and are available in many different colours and thicknesses, including copper, brass, silver and gold. Some common applications include:

  • Plaques for trophies
  • Name plates for honour boards and awards
  • Door signs (fixed or as sliding inserts)
  • Name tags
  • Warning signs
  • Electrical panel labels
  • Labelling on switches
  • Switch panels
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