Aristo removed from our line-up

As of January 2016, Carton Concepts stopped representing Aristo in Australia.

After reviewing our position, we have decided to change the focus of the company and return back to a much simpler structure.

David started representing Aristo in April 2006 when the agency was held by the previous company he worked for. In 2012 Carton Concepts took on the agency after the former company closed down, resulting in David continuing to represent Aristo. With April 2016 being 10 years of representing Aristo for David, a decision has been made that the agency really needs to be held by a larger company with more resources in or to fully represent the Aristo brand. With increasing pressures from cheaper machines entering the market and the constant need to travel resulting for service work, Carton Concepts will scale down to return back to how it was before Aristo.

As servicing, support and handling stock for the Aristo has been too time-consuming for such a small operation, by removing the Aristo element, Carton Concepts is able to return to it's original roots offering a contract design service and CAD software. However, the direction also involves putting more time into the Derrimut Trophies & Gifts aspect of the business, which is more suited to the size of the company.

"I have given Aristo almost a decade of my life." David says. "In this time, I have seen many changes to the Aristo products, the market, and also to my personal life. Where travel all around the country was a great adventure when I was younger, I new need to be at home with my young family.

"It has proven too diffucult to be interstate on an installation or service while still continuing to perform the daily tasks of running a business. Travel is all a part of the role, but family is more important. If I am no longer prepared to travel, I am not able to fully support the Aristo brand or offer my customers the full support they should be entitled to. As a result of this, I had decided to pass on the agency to a larger company that has the staff and financial backing required to see the Aristo brand grow and prosper".

 Visual Impact / Printex 15 (SYDNEY)

Wednesday   13 May 2015 –    10.00am to 6.00pm
Thursday       14 May 2015 –    10.00am – 6.00pm
Friday           15 May 2015  –   10.00am – 4.00pm  Visual Impact 15
If you would like to see an Aristo or our CAD software in action, we will be at the 2015 Visual Impact / Printex show working on the Celmac stand.

Here we will be running an assortment of materials on a Aristo GL-2032 (with a 2040 x 3200mm working area) throughout the duration of the show. David will also be running Impact so if you are attending the show and would like a one-on-one demonstration, please feel free to drop by and ask for David.

New On-line Store Launched

Carton Concepts - Derrimut Trophies & Gifts logoWe are launching a new on-line store to make it easier to view the different blades available. This enables you to view images of the blades and sort them by application.

The store is mainly concentated on the trophies and awards, but also includes Aristo parts that can now also be ordered on-line.

If you want to check out the new store, click on the above logo or visit



Derrimut Trophies & Gifts launched

DTG LogoDue to the nature of the business, Derrimut Trophies & Gifts has been registered to give this section of the business it's own identity. A new website has been created to outline the different trophies, awards and giftware that we offer without everything being on the one site.

The site can be accessed by clicking on the DTG image or visiting

 PacPrint 2013


Come see the ARISTO in operation
STAND #2826
MAY 21st - 25th

We will have an ARISTO GL-2032 at the show where we will be running demostrations to give you the opprortunity to see one in operation.

Feel free to drop by and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.



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Derrimut Trophies & Gifts
"...I have never had such a cool, calm and understanding computer expert for advice - you have been amazing David and thank you very much. You gave us great confidence..."

-- Packaging Perth, WA